Simon Hopper

S  i  n  g  e  r / S  o  n  g  w  r  i  t  e  r

The Beautiful and Cruel (2010)


A cd recorded in Sweden about Sweden with Swedish guest musicians (Thor Pleijel / Nykelharpa; Jack McGuinness / Guitar; Dennis Johansson / Guitar; Tobias Hellkvist / Bass & Hand Percussion). As ever, Leigh was my main foil. Recorded as a result of the generosity of Ulf Zandhers.

1) Two in the Margins  2) Three Promises  3) And I Have  4) Lord Mancroft's Reply  5) The Things I'll Remember Most  6) Iceberg  7) Long Time Gone  8) Warp and Weft  9) Beware  10) Borrow One, Borrow All  11) Flat Shoes  12) Rågången efter Pers Erik