Simon Hopper

S  i  n  g  e  r / S  o  n  g  w  r  i  t  e  r

The Less Blessed (2008)


The second and last 'The Simon Hopper Band' cd. Vince Clarke sat in for John Fisher who was too ill to play by then. Ramona Egle joined me, Leigh and Andee to make up a fivesome. My most folk album (with the exception of New Girl which somehow found its way onto the cd).

1) Lammas Leaves  2) The Ballad of the Suffolk Five  3) Little Red Riding Hood  4) Backwards Man  5) The Farmer  6) Travelling People  7) Pilgrimage  8) New Girl  9) Seven Sisters  10) The Terrorist  11) Olive Tree  12) John Matthews