Simon Hopper

S  i  n  g  e  r / S  o  n  g  w  r  i  t  e  r




Simon Hopper Trio with long-time collaborator Leigh Trowbridge and Andee Price. House concert at m'lady Angelika's place in 2011.

All videos shot and edited by Caroline Iandoli

Orange Room


Solo number. Trio gig played in The Shaft at the Brunel Museum Rotherhithe, south London

Move Gracefully


More Simon Hopper Trio at house concert 2011

The Compass


Solo song written after the riots in London and elsewhere in 2011

Come, listen to my story, I'll tell to you a tale...

Long Time Gone


Andee Price, who you see playing here dubbed a certain style of mine 'stealth misery': they're happy songs about dying, mostly - or living, you could say, it depends how you look on them. This is one.